Tata Green Velocity 5L-B 5 Ah

Tata Green Velocity 5L-B 5 Ah
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Tata Green Velocity 5 Ah

Ultra Low Maintenance

Unique Sulphate Stop formula

Instant Start, Every Time

Consistent performance that is weather-proof & ideal for Indian climate

Vibration Safe

Free from Frequent Top-ups

About the Warranty (Pro Rata warranty).

In battery two type of warranties are applicable. Normal warranty + pro rata warranty. Below is the explanation of battery warranty.

18F + 18P :- It means 18 months of normal warranty + 18 months pro rata warranty.

Normal Warranty:- Under this warranty, if the battery fails, then brand will replace the battery.

Pro Rata Warranty:- Under this warranty, if battery fails then brand will not replace the battery instead of that, customer will get percentage discount of MRP.

(Your old battery will be picked up by our delivery associate from your address at the time of deliver.

Please note that by participating in the exchange, you confirm that the device being exchanged is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any agreement of sale etc. and that you have got the clear ownership of the said device, in the event that you're unable to provide us with the product in exchange, please ensure that you pay our delivery associate with the differential amount as decided by the associate).


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